About Us

Cheap Plate is a New York City-based online restaurant food delivery & pick-up ordering platform.  Our founder is not just an entrepreneur, he is also a New York City-based Chef who has a deep passion and understanding for everything food; from concept to cooking, and of course the delivery of delicious food.  Our Chef-founder loves coming home from a long day in the kitchen, kicking back and ordering food for delivery from many of his favorite local restaurants.


Another thing that our founder loves as much as the delicious food is getting that food at a discount.  However, all too often those "other platforms" either don't offer any discounts, or it annoyingly expires before he can use it.  That's when the idea for Cheap Plate was born.  No more expiring discounts or codes to enter.  Instead, a permanent and generous fixed discount on everything ordered from local restaurants without any menu markups for delivery or pickup.  Cheap Plate offers the largest permanent customer loyalty program in the entire industry! "Get a delicious discount all day- every day"


For our restaurant partners, we offer low-competitive commission options-which includes many benefits not offered by our competitors.  We do not believe in hidden fees so don't have any.  One of the most exciting features that's included with our low commission to our restaurant partners is that we rotate all our restaurant listings to allow restaurants to make it to the top of our page listings/search results often- for up to 50% less of the commission that other competitors charge restaurants to get listed on their top pages! Lower commissions charged to our restaurant partners compared to our competitors results in MORE profits to the restaurant for every order placed on Cheap Plate.


Making it to the top of our platform restaurant listings will level the playing field for all restaurants that partner with Cheap Plate.  Our philosophy is simple; by design, we plan to earn fewer profits as our competitors will earn.  It's just not about us! Our mission is about our restaurant partners having the ability to receive orders from an ordering platform & delivering their delicious food at a reasonable commission with a permanent 10% discount to loyal customers!



Cheap Plate and Delicious Discount are trademarks of Cheap Plate, Inc.

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